The player has recreated the life-size Earth in Minecraft.

Minecraft player has recreated the planet Earth in virtual reality. For this he used fashion. After that, the user invited everyone to make a contribution: to fill the Earth with all the necessary objects – cities, buildings and everything else.

Excalibur 1.14 and 1.13 is a texture package that attempts to be true to the original style of the game’s block and object textures but gives it a more rustic and organic feel than Minecraft’s default textures. Some of the blocks will have three-dimensional textures.

The player used the mods Terra 1-k-1 and Cubic Chunks. As explained by the author, in the game the height of buildings is usually limited to 255 m, so it is impossible to create an earthly landscape. But with the help of Cubic Chunks fashion he changed the shape of blocks to 16x16x16 cube, after which the height of the assembly was not limited.

Then the player used the mod Terra 1-k-1. With the mod the information from archives of geographical data is converted into blocks Minecraft.

So far, the map is unstable, but the player expects that with the help of other users can recreate the full Earth. The author himself intends to build his hometown of Seattle (USA).