Total Curve Review: Your Complete Guide to Achieving Natural Breast Enhancement

For many women, breasts play an important role in self-confidence and positive body image. If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and wished for fuller, firmer breasts, you’re not alone. When it comes to breast enhancement, surgical procedures like implants often come to mind first. However, a growing number of women are seeking natural alternatives that don’t require going under the knife.

There are many natural ways to increase breast size without surgery, from breast enlargement creams to supplements. One popular option is Total Curve – a two-part, non-surgical breast enhancement system that aims to help women achieve noticeably curvier breasts without extreme measures.

With its combination of oral supplements and a volumizing gel, Total Curve has become a top seller for those seeking safe, nonsurgical solutions. But does it actually work and is it worth buying? Where can you purchase Total Curve?

In this comprehensive Total Curve review, we’ll explore everything you need to know, from ingredients and benefits to potential side effects. We’ll also provide tips on how to maximize your results with Total Curve and recommendations on where to buy Total Curve. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the facts to decide if trying Total Curve is right for you.

What is Total Curve and How Does it Work?

Total Curve is a two-step breast enhancement system developed and marketed by leading health supplement company Leading Edge Health. It consists of daily supplements and a topical gel that work together to improve breast size and appearance.

The Total Curve Daily Supplement contains a blend of natural herbs, nutrients, and plant extracts believed to promote breast tissue growth. Ingredients like buckwheat flowers, wild yam root, and fennel seed may help stimulate estrogen production and breast cell growth when taken daily.

The Total Curve Volumizing Gel contains volufiline, a key ingredient clinically shown to increase fatty tissues in the breast area by up to 8.4% in just 56 days. When applied twice per day, the skin-conditioning gel helps plump and firm breast skin for noticeable lifting and smoothing effects.

By taking the daily capsule and applying the lifting gel, Total Curve aims to increase breast size while enhancing overall shape and firmness. The company claims women may see cup size increases of up to one to two cup sizes in 3-6 months with continued use.

Now let’s take a closer look at the key ingredients and research behind the Total Curve system:

Key Ingredients in Total Curve

  • Volufiline – A patented ingredient made from sarsasapogenin, a plant steroid sapogenin. Clinically shown to increase fatty tissue volume by up to 8.4% in 56 days.
  • Buckwheat Leaves/Flowers – Contains flavonoids that stimulate estrogen receptors to promote breast cell growth and health.
  • Fennel seed – Contains anethole, which mimics estrogen to potentially enhance breast size.
  • Dong quai root – Used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to balance female hormones.
  • Damiana leaf – Shown in some studies to act similarly to progesterone and increase breast size.
  • Blessed thistle – Contains phytoestrogens that may exert mild estrogen effects on breast tissue.
  • Hops flower – Provides phytoestrogens that influences estrogen receptors in the breast.
  • Black cohosh root – May support estrogen production and breast cell growth.
  • Wild yam root – Thought to be a precursor to breast-enhancing hormones.

Together, this blend of herbs and plant compounds may help increase breast volume by promoting mammary gland development and stimulating fatty tissue growth in the breast area.

What Are the Benefits of Using Total Curve?

According to thousands of positive customer reviews, Total Curve offers several advantages for women seeking natural breast enhancement:

  • Non-invasive and nonsurgical – Total Curve provides an alternative to invasive surgical breast augmentation. The convenient daily supplement and topical gel avoid the risks and lengthy recovery time of breast implant surgery.
  • No harmful side effects – The ingredients in Total Curve are generally well-tolerated with minimal risk of adverse reactions in most healthy women. This provides peace of mind for those wanting safe, natural results.
  • Permanent results – While individual results will vary, many women experience permanent enlargement and lifting effects if Total Curve is used continuously over 3-6 months. There is no need for repeated treatments to maintain your new breast size.
  • Natural-looking enhancement – Total Curve aims to produce subtle, gradual improvements in breast shape and size. The natural-looking enhancements avoid the “fake” appearance that some associate with surgical breast implants.
  • Affordable price – Compared to the $5,000 – $10,000 cost of breast augmentation surgery, Total Curve is very reasonably priced. Ongoing monthly costs are affordable for most budgets.
  • Easy to use – Simple daily supplement and topical gel application makes the Total Curve system easy to incorporate into your regular routine. The company also offers discounted pricing on multi-month supply packages for added convenience.
  • Clinically supported ingredients – Key ingredients like Volufiline are backed by clinical research showing their efficacy and safety. This adds credibility compared to supplements with no scientific validation.
  • 100% money back guarantee – Total Curve comes with an impressive 8-week money back guarantee. This allows you to try it virtually risk-free to see if it works for you.

Does Total Curve Really Work? What to Expect

Now the million dollar question – can Total Curve realistically increase your breast size? Based on thousands of customer reviews, the answer for most women appears to be yes. The majority of users report noticeable improvements in breast fullness and cup size when Total Curve is used consistently for 3-6 months or longer.

However, it’s important to understand that results can vary substantially based on the individual. Total Curve will not produce dramatic overnight changes. Think gradual enhancement, not extreme transformation. Changes also depend on factors like:

  • Age
  • Current breast size/density
  • Genetics and hormone levels
  • Diet and lifestyle habits
  • Consistency following the Total Curve regimen

For best results, Leading Edge Health suggests using Total Curve for at least six months. During the first month, hormonal changes begin taking effect. In months 2-3, enhanced blood flow starts promoting tissue growth. Finally, months 4-6 bring the visible size and shape enhancements as fatty tissues expand and breasts become volumized and lifted.[10]

While some women may see changes in cup sizes up to the claimed 1-2 cups, a more reasonable expectation is a subtle 1/2 to 1 cup size increase for most. But noticeable lifting, shaping, and firmness improvements are achievable if used properly and consistently.

Are There Any Side Effects or Health Risks?

The natural active ingredients in Total Curve make it very safe for most healthy women without contraindications. However unlike strong pharmaceutical drugs, Total Curve uses gentle herbal extracts that take time to exert their effects.

Some women report mild dizziness, headache, nausea, or digestive discomfort when first starting Total Curve as the body adjusts. These minor side effects typically pass within the first week of use. Allergic reactions are very rare but possible in those with sensitivities to specific ingredients.

To minimize risk, have any underlying health conditions evaluated by your doctor before trying Total Curve or any natural breast enhancement product. Usage is not recommended if pregnant or breastfeeding.

where to buy total curve

Those with medical conditions should consult their physician before trying any supplement like Total Curve. It’s generally well tolerated but pre-existing conditions should be considered.

Tips for Maximizing Your Total Curve Results

Here are some tips and tricks from seasoned users on how to get the most out of your Total Curve regimen:

  • Follow dosage guidelines – Take one capsule daily with water and apply gel to each breast twice per day. Consistency is key.
  • Target healthy weight – Being overweight or underweight can influence results. Aim for a healthy BMI if possible.
  • Exercise chest muscles – Strength training to build chest, shoulder and pectoral muscles can enhance breast shape and fullness.
  • Eat estrogen-rich foods – Soy, seeds, beans, fruits, and veggies containing phytoestrogens may complement Total Curve.
  • Stay hydrated – Drinking plenty of water supports cell growth and keeps breast skin supple.
  • Massage breasts – Take the time to massage your breasts daily using the Total Curve gel. This boosts circulation.
  • Manage expectations – Have reasonable expectations around the speed of change to avoid discouragement.
  • Track progress – Take monthly progress photos and measurements to quantify subtle changes over time.
  • Consider added boosters – Some add additional natural supplements like fenugreek or saw palmetto to enhance Total Curve effects. Discuss options with your doctor.

Where Can You Buy Total Curve?

Because of the risk of counterfeits, only buy Total Curve through the official website. Leading Edge Health is the sole authorized retailer of genuine Total Curve products.

The Bottom Line: Should You Try Total Curve?

For women seeking natural breast enhancement without surgery, Total Curve is certainly an option worth considering. Over 180,000 women worldwide have already experienced the benefits of fuller, firmer breasts thanks to this proven two-step system.

The key is having realistic expectations around the speed of change. While Total Curve can increase breast size and firmness when used consistently for 3-6 months, the improvements will likely be gradual. If you want instant, dramatic breast augmentation, implants are still the only option.

However, if you have patience and want to boost your breasts safely and affordably, Total Curve delivers. With its blend of natural ingredients, clinically supported formulations, and generous money-back guarantee, you can feel confident giving it a try. Just be consistent with the regimen and track your progress. Within a few months, you may very well be filling out that bra and boosting your confidence like never before!

Key Takeaways:

  • Total Curve is a two-part breast enhancement system using daily oral capsules and a volumizing gel.
  • Key ingredients like Volufiline are clinically shown to increase breast size by boosting fatty tissue growth.
  • Benefits include affordable, nonsurgical breast enlargement creams with natural-looking results.
  • On average, Total Curve may increase breast size up to 1/2 to 1 cup over 3-6 months of consistent use.
  • The ingredients have minimal side effects for most healthy women.
  • Patience is key – changes happen gradually when used as directed.
  • Buy only from the official website and track your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long until I see results with Total Curve?

Most women begin noticing subtle changes in breast firmness and fullness around the 3-month mark, but the timeframe can vary. Consistently use Total Curve for at least 6 months to accurately gauge its effects.

Q: Can I take more Total Curve for faster results?

No, do not exceed the recommended daily dosage thinking it will work quicker. More is not better with natural supplements. Stick to the directions for the best results over time.

Q: Does Total Curve have side effects?

The ingredients are well-tolerated by most healthy women. Some report mild effects like headache or nausea at first but these typically pass within a few days. Discontinue use if any worrisome reactions occur.

Q: How do I use the Total Curve gel?

Apply a small amount of the lifting gel over your entire breast area in an upwards, massaging circular motion. Do this morning and night for optimal absorption into breast tissues.

Q: What results can I realistically expect from Total Curve?

While results vary, most women see about a 1/2 to 1 cup size increase and improved firmness when using Total Curve for 6 months. The changes happen gradually, so be patient.

Q: Can I take Total Curve if I’m breastfeeding?

No, Total Curve should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding. Check with your doctor about any supplement if you are nursing.

Q: Does my weight or age influence Total Curve results?

Your weight, age and current breast density can impact results. However, women in their 20s up through menopause have reported successful outcomes.

Q: How soon after stopping Total Curve do results revert?

Provided you use Total Curve for at least 6 months, most of the breast enlargement and firming results are permanent. However, gradual reversal may occur over time.

Q: Is Total Curve safe for women with health conditions?

Q: Where to Buy Total Curve Is Amazon trustworthy?

We recommend only purchasing directly through the official website. Counterfeit products are commonplace on Amazon and other 3rd party sellers. Go direct for authentic Total Curve.